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We care for good emotions

Caring for you, we empower you to take time & expand your bathroom routines beyond body washing.


Hand Wash

Luksja Hand Liquid Soaps and Bar Soaps effectively cleanse and keep the skin soft, even with frequent hand washing.

Shower Gels

Luksja Shower Gels offer deep caring and refreshing shower experience. Enriched with carefully selected cleansing agents and Hydracare complex, they help retain skin's natural moisture levels while effectively cleanse the skin.

Bath Foams

Luksja Bath Foams have a creamy and skin friendly formula base, enriched with moisturizing and caring ingredients that leave skin soft and pampered. They create a rich, delightful cloud of light bubbles that will pleasantly wrap and relax the body, leaving the skin smooth and well-groomed.


Luksja Kids Line was created to ensure your kids' skin is properly cared for. Our range of Luksja kids' products is specially designed to provide your kids' delicate skin with the gentle and loving care you can trust. We offer skin-friendly formulas with natural derived cleansers ensuring proper care and softness. Their pineapple scent will make everyday routine more pleasant.
How do I use your products?
On each product page in Luksja website, you'll find simple instructions to follow. For best results, we recommend you use products for the purpose they were developed for.
What quantity of bath foam should be used when there is no information on the label?
A small spurt, up to 30ml in the water is sufficient. However, in the end it depends on the amount of foam you would like to create in your own bath and indulge.
Is bar soap better than liquid soap?
Both bar and liquid soap work well to clean your hands . It depends on your preference and convenience.
How can I share feedback?
Whether you'd like to leave a comment or ask a question – we'd love to hear from you! Reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram.


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