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How do I use your products?

On each product page in Luksja website, you’ll find simple instructions to follow. For best results, we recommend you use products for the purpose they were developed for.

Are all of your ingredients safe to use?

We care about our customers and the environment. We want to give our customers the best experience using our products, so we chose the ingredients carefully. Our ingredients always comply with EU cosmetic regulations and environmental standards.

Are Luksja products safe?

Luksja products are dermatologically tested and developed to respect skin’s natural pH. They offer solutions for the whole family and are ideal for everyday use.

Is there a possibility of an allergy reaction when using Luksja products?

Εach skin reacts differently to the ingredients contained in care products, so the possibility of irritation or an allergic reaction cannot be excluded. If you have a history or are prone to allergies, before you use the product, apply a small amount on the inner side of the elbow. Wash thoroughly. If within 48 hours no allergic reaction is observed, then you can comfortably use the products. In the event that you used the product and experienced symptoms of allergy (redness, swelling, itching), stop using it and seek medical advice.

Do Luksja shower gels dry out the skin?

Luksja Shower Gels offer effective cleansing without drying the skin. Their composition helps maintain the skin soft, leaving it revitalized and smooth with a sense of freshness, while respecting the skin’s natural pH.

What does "Dermatologically Tested" mean?

To ensure skin compatibility, all our products are subject to testing on human volunteers. These tests are performed under surveillance of a dermatologist. The claim “dermatologically tested” means that the skin compatibility of the product was substantiated by the test.

Are Luksja products vegan friendly?

Luksja products, in their majority, consist of vegan friendly formulations. To the best of our knowledge and based on the information provided by the manufacturers of the raw materials that we are using, Luksja products do not contain any intentionally added animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients. The raw materials used are of synthetic, mineral and/or vegetable origin. Furthermore, the raw materials or the finished products have not been the subject of animal testing, according to EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009.

How long can I keep Luksja products and what's the best way to store them?

The expiry date of each Luksja product is written on the packaging. On the packaging you may also find the relevant Period After Opening, suitable for each product. All Luksja products should be stored at room temperature to remain at their optimum quality and freshness.

For who, are the hypoallergenic products designed for?

Hypoallergenic products are designed for consumers with sensitive skin. They are developed with carefully chosen ingredients, in order to minimize the risk of allergenic reactions.

Are packaging of Luksja products recyclable?

We want to help you recycle as much of our packaging as possible, so as to protect our planet. That’s why Luksja’s bottles and caps are recyclable.

Is Luksja packaging environmentally friendly?

We are committed to reducing our use of plastic packaging wherever possible, to minimize the effect it has on our planet. Luksja has a wide range of hand liquid soaps in refill pouches, using lower % of plastic per ml of product vs the regular bottles.


Quick tips to enhance your showering experience.

– Watch the Temperature
While a hot shower is certainly satisfying, it does come with consequences. Overly hot water strips skin of hydrolipid balance, leading to dryness and irritation later, so stick to lukewarm water for best effect. If you really want to increase the benefits, you can also end your shower with an ice-cold rinse: the temperature will increase blood circulation, and help you feel extra refreshed.

– Keep it short
Your shower should ideally last 5 to 10 minutes. And remember, it’s all about quality, not quantity.

– Check Your Accessories
You may not think that a loofah or washcloth has any problems with cleanliness, but both can be magnets for mold and bacteria. Make sure to change them regularly (replace your loofah once a month, and change your washcloth every few days) and let them dry out completely between each use.

Is showering or bathing frequently harmful for the skin?

Showering or bathing is not damaging for the skin. However, it is recommended not to shower more than two times a day, in order to preserve skin’s moisture and balance. Especially sensitive and dry skin types need to pay attention to their skin reaction in order to choose the right bathing products and set their showering schedule.

Luksja Shower Gels and Bath Foams are developed with a special combination of plant derived cleansers and caring ingredients, giving a refreshing and revitalizing sensation.

What quantity of bath foam should be used when there is no information on the label?

A small spurt, up to 30ml in the water is sufficient. However, in the end it depends on the amount of foam you would like to create in your own bath and indulge.

How to choose the right shower gel for you?

Showers can be a great place to wind-down and relax, or to get invigorated and energized and using a scented shower gel is a great start. Here are some things to think about when choosing your Luksja Shower gel:
-Do you like cool or refreshing scents? Look for the Luksja Energizing Lotus Flower and White Tea Shower gel or the Luksja Men Cool body, face and hair shower gel.
-Do you like relaxing scents? Try the Luksja Relaxing Peony & Bergamot shower gel or the Luksja Men Relax body, face and hair shower gel.
-Do you like sweet, dessert-like scents? Look for the Luksja Reviving Coconut & Gardenia Creamy Shower gel, or the Luksja Nourishing Shea Butter and Jojoba oil creamy shower gel.

Can you use a shower gel as a bubble bath?

It is possible to use shower gel as a bubble bath, although you may not get the same amount of lather.

Is it good to use a sponge with the shower gel?

Because of how porous they are, sponges produce great lather. They also tend to be gentle on the skin. However, if you choose to use one, allow it to dry completely after each use, and replace it frequently to make sure it remains clean and safe.


How long should you really wash your hands?

Throughout the day, our hands accumulate dirt and dust. We can then transfer these substances to others, or to ourselves when touching our face. Regular hand washing is recommended.

Scientific studies show that you need to wash your hands for 20 seconds.
See below explicit directions for ideal hand cleansing:
– Wet your hands with warm or cold running water
– Lather with soap between the palms, rubbing them together
– Lather and rub the back of the hands
– Rub between the fingers
– Clean under the nails
– Rinse the hands under running water
– Dry thorougly with a clean towel

Is bar soap better than liquid soap?

Both bar and liquid soap work well to clean your hands . It depends on your preference and convenience.

Is it better to use warm water or cold water while washing hands?

Use your preferred water temperature, cold or warm to wash your hands. Warm water helps remove better the traces of grease from your hands.


How can I share feedback?

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