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About Us


​At Luksja, for more than 30 years, we have dedicated ourselves to creating safe and effective hand & body wash products, for beautiful and healthy skin.

Starting from the production of our first soap, back in 1989, until today, the philosophy of the brand remains the same: to offer mild, caring and effective hand and body cleansing products, that respect skin’s natural pH, do not cause irritations and leave skin soft and smooth after each use. 

Within our wide product range you will find solutions, suitable to the needs of the whole family.



“Wellness” is the new watchword. 

In previous times, our relationship to our bodies used to be primarily reactive and corrective. Today a growing fraction of people see health as something that happens every day, through the decisions we make and the things we eat, think, and do. 

At Luksja we take bathroom routines beyond hand and body wash, and we want to offer a holistic experience which will bring balance and well being to the body and soul. 



Our formulations consist of effective combinations of advanced cosmetic ingredients & natural extracts, that cleanse and revive your skin in the most comforting way.

Our mild, delightful fragrances offer a unique, indulging experience in the bathroom, while leaving the skin delicately scented after each wash. 

All products are dermatologically tested, to ensure skin compatibility and safety.

Enjoy a unique journey in the sensual world of textures and fragrances with Luksja!