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Invigorating orange & sandalwood

Shower gel, 500 ml

Revitalize your senses and pamper your skin with Luksja Invigorating Orange and Sandalwood Shower Gel. The perfectly creamy lather will nourish your skin, and provide a hydrating feel, leaving your skin soft and smooth. Enriched with orange and sandalwood extracts, known for their revitalizing and energizing properties. Vibrant, exciting scents will envelop you in a sensual world of true pleasure. Suitable for all skin types.

About product


  • Skin friendly pH
  • *93% ingredients of natural origin
  • Vegan formula
  • Biodegradable formula
  • Hydracare complex
  • Dermatologically test
  • Recyclable packaging
How to use

1. Wet your whole body

2. Use enough product, rub your hands together to turn the gel into a light foam and work it into your body

3. Apply the gel to damp skin and gentle massage

4. Rinse thoroughly